Born 1954, Cleveland, Ohio, lives and works in New York City and Berlin. Attended Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island, 1977, BFA; Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program, New York, 1978; California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, 1979, MFA

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John Miller & Mike Kelley, Galeria Nagel Draxler, Berlin, Germany

Video Art at Midnight, Babylon Kino, Berlin, Germany

Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus, Switzerland (forthcoming)


New Horizon, Meliksetian Briggs, Dallas, Texas

Last Words (with Richard Hoeck), Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria

Imaginary Interventions, Various Small Fires, Seoul, South Korea


Civic Center, Essex Street Gallery, New York


Public/Counter-Public, Kunsthalle Bielefeld

Egocentric Preserves, Galerie Johann Widauer

The Right Not to be Stared At or Examined, Praz-Delavallade, Los Angeles


Poverty, National Exemplar, Iowa City, Iowa

The Collapse of Neoliberalism, Metro Pictures, New York

An Elixir of Immortality, Schinkel Pavilon, Berlin


Mannequin Trilogy, 80 WSE, New York, New York

Other Subjectivities, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Berlin


The End of History, Meliksetian + Briggs, Los Angeles

Mark Dion, John Miller, Galerie Nagel Draxler, Berlin, Germany

Almost There (with Aura Rosenberg), Teen Party, Brooklyn, New York

Comedy of Manners, Museum im Bellpark, Kriens, Switzerland


The Insanity of Place, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin, Germany

Walking in the City, Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris, France


The Dark Ages, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Düsseldorf, Germany

Hard Hat/Soft Hard Hat, Mannequin Death (with Richard Hoeck), Galerie Marc Jancou, Geneva

Mannequin Death (with Richard Hoeck), Metro Pictures, New York; Meliksetian/Briggs, Los Angeles

Relations in Public, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles

Paintings from the early 80's to the present, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe

Sex Appeal of the Inorganic (with Richard Hoeck), Galerie Johann Widauer, Innsbruck

I Stand, I Fall, Institute of Contempoary Art, Miami, Florida


Here in the Real World, Metro Pictures, Mary Boone Gallery, New York

Open to All Ages and Ethnicities (with Takuji Kogo), NBK (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), Berlin

Mannequin Death (with Richard Hoeck), Offsite, Rosinierre, Switzerland and Galerie Marc Jancou, Geneva, Switzerland

John Miller, Dominik Sittig, Galerie Nagel Draxler, Cologne

Counter Publics, Campoli Presti, London


A Moveable Feast – Part XIII, Campoli Presti, Paris

Do It Again!, Meliksetian Briggs Gallery, Los Angeles


The Middle of the Day, Shoot the Lobster, Martos Gallery, New York

Subjective Monuments, Marc Jancou Contemporary, Geneva

The Grotesque, Kubus, Vienna

Social Portraits, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe


The Petrified Forest, Galerie Praz-Delavallade

Something for Everyone,(with Richard Hoeck), MJBriggs/Anna Meliksetian Gallery, Los Angeles

New Realities, Patrick Painter Gallery

Suburban Past Time, Metro Pictures


The Wolfgang Hahn Prize, Museum Ludwig, Köln


The Totality of Everything That Actually Exists, Galerie Barbara Weiss

Dan Graham, John Miller, Christine Mayer, Munich

The Grotesque, Galerie Johann Widauer

A Holiday in Other People’s Misery, Galerie Christian Nagel


The Natural Order, Patrick Painter Gallery, Los Angeles

Kunsthalle Zurich


11 Sessions (with Karin Schneider and Matt Keegan), Orchard 47, New York

John Miller, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe

Is That All There Is?, Sutton Lane, London

Camouflage on a Mannequin (with Richard Hoeck), Michael Hall Contemporary Art, Vienna


Back to the Garden, Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris

The New Honeymooners, Metro Pictures & Friedrich Petzel Gallery

The Middle of the Day (online), Jeffrey Charles/Henry Peacock

Michael Hall Contemporary Art, Vienna


Something for Everyone (with Richard Hoeck), Jeffrey Charles/ Henry Peacock, London

Total Transparency, Metro Picture


Something for Everyone (with Richard Hoeck), Engholm Engelhorn Galerie, Vienna; Galerie Hans Widauer, Innsbruck; cable tv broadcast (CAC TV), Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania

Plakat (poster project with Richard Hoeck), Kunstraum Innsbruck

The Middle of the Day, Galerie Barbara Weiss

Praz-Delavallade, Paris


Total Transparency, Richard Telles Fine Arts

Everything Is Painted Brown, Metro Pictures

493 KB From the Administered World, Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London


A Mutually Beneficial Encounter, Galerie Christian Nagel, Köln

Everything Is You, Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris

Ich (36/175/74), Meyer Riegger Galerie


Deliveries in Rear, Kunst., Tiroler Sparkasse, Innsbruck, Austria

Double Date, Galerie Barbara Weiss


Consolation Prize (with Mike Kelley), the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Pilot, Richard Telles Fine Arts, Los Angeles

The Middle of the Day, Art + Public, Geneva, Switzerland


Parallel Economies, Le Magasin, Centre National d¹Art Contemporain de Grenoble, France;

travelled to the Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany

Pillars of Salt, Galerie Barbara Weiss

Hard Hat (with Richard Hoeck), Kunst-Werke Berlin, Germany

No Place to Hang Your Hat
(with Richard Hoeck), Kunstraum Hans Widauer, Innsbruck;Turin

Bienniale, Turin, Italy

The Lugubrious Game, Meyer Reigger Galerie, Karlsruhe

Opposite Day, Metro Picture


For the Good Times, Richard Telles Fine Arts

Low Noon, Galerie & Edition Artelier, Graz, Austria (with Richard Hoeck); Kunst ohne Unikat,

steirischer herbst, Neue Galerie Graz; Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon

White Studies, Kunsthalle Wein, Vienna, Austria (with Richard Hoeck); Vorarlberger Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria

Alive with Pleasure (digital projections), Candy Factory, Yokohama, Japan

John Miller: Painting and Sculpture, P.S. 1, Long Island City, New York


"A Trail of Ambiguous Picture Postcards," Center for Contemporary Art, Kitakyushu Project Gallery, Tokyo (cat.)


Richard Telles Fine Arts

The Middle of the Day, Kunstburo, Museum fur Literatur am Oberrhein, Karlsruhe, Germany

Field Manual for a Tautology, Galerie Thomas Riegger, Karlsruhe, Germany

Homage an Karl May, Galerie Barbara Weiss


The Middle of the Day, Metro Pictures

The Middle of the Day, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin

Galerie Rizzo


Richard Telles Fine Arts, Los Angeles


The Long March, the Narrow Road, Metro Pictures

Art & Public, Geneva

Galerie Rizzo, Paris (with Michael Jenkins)

Museum Robert Walser, Hotel Krone, Gais, Switzerland


"Rock Sucks/Disko Sucks," daadgalerie, Berlin; Bruno Brunnet Fine Arts, Berlin

Laboratorium Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Jablonka Galerie, Cologne


Roy Boyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California

Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York


Galerie Isabella Kacprzak, Cologne

Standard Graphik, Cologne

...But the Flesh is Weak, Metro Pictures


Metro Pictures, New York

Galerie Sophia Ungers, Koln (with Jennifer Bolande)


American Fine Arts Co., New York


Metro Pictures, New York


Rosamund Felsen, Los Angeles

Metro Pictures, New York


Rosamund Felsen, Los Angeles

Metro Pictures, New York


"Recent Work," The Kitchen, New York


White Columns, New York